CA3500 and LED Tablelamp Random Turn on

I just relamped my home with LED bulbs thanks to a generous instant rebate from Comed at Costco.

I had 4 tablelamps on CA3500 wall receptacles that started behaving badly. The CA3500 would just randomly turn on. Having diagnosed this before while powering some audio equipment from a CA3500 I knew the problem right away (,22761.msg183865.html#msg183865 ).

I have modified CA3500’s to defeat the load sense circuitry but for table lamps I wanted to retain the local on capability the load sense is designed for.

Well it trns out to be pretty easy. I just soldered a 56,000 Ohm 1/2W resistor across the bulb contacts in the fixture. Now the CA3500 sees a 56k resistive load in parallel with the complex impedance of the LED bulb. The result is the bulb never spuriously turns on but does behave properly to load sense turn on.

Good work. Thanks for sharing.