Bypassing a PLTS

Hello Everyone -

Sorry for a bit of a double-post. I asked this question in my convoluted thread of Richard helping me learn the PLC gospel and it probably got overlooked.

I’m working on using a PLTS to control a bathroom light. I want the door’s open/close to override the timer’s authority over the light’s status. With no other ideas, I decided to use the BYPASS/ARM functionality (may be overkill - but - again - I was out of better options).

I tried to use the “bypass” option today without success…

Here’s the scenario (I’m currently testing with a virtual switch in lieu of the door sensor as I’m remote and do not have access to the door itself):

  1. Door is open and the PLTS goes to ARM
  2. Light turned on
  3. 30 second (for testing purposes) timer starts
  4. 30 second timer expires and turns off light as it should

This is what I would expect! All good so far!

Scenario 2

  1. Door is open and the PLTS goes to ARM
  2. Light turned on
  3. 30 second timer starts
  4. Close door (someone walks in to the bathroom when the light is already on)
  5. PLTS goes to BYPASS
  6. 30 second timer expires and lights still turn off??

I thought when in BYPASS the output would not function? I’m trying to fix the condition where someone could potentially be “left in the dark” with the door closed when the timer expires.

Maybe someone else can test this for me. The bypass/arm (even when controlled from the buttons) works sometimes and not others. I’m still trying to make it a repeatable issue for me.