Bypass the thermostat swing config

Hi , looking for a way to bypass the basic 0.5 celcius swing of the Remotec ZTS 110 thermostat. I would need a script to keep the temps the nearest to the temps chose on the thermostat. Since i have a central water heating system its really long to get back to the desired temp and often the temp goes too high when it reach the desired temp + 0.5 degree.

So the script shoul have the tendancy, i mean the temp is going up or down (over a period of time) and should react according to the parameters i would define such as. If temp going up, heat until you reach desired temp - 0.2 degree. The temp should get a bit over the desired temp. If the temp going down, start to heat when the temp is 0.2 degrees over the desired temp.

The goal is to flat the swing range of 1 degree to approx. and start/stop the heating system more intelligently

Thanks guys.