Bypass PLTS not working

I am using the PLTS to delay a doorsensor in order to deactivate alarm.
When I control the Bypass switch manually in the UI this is not seen by an alarm scene which only should react when the PLTS is armed. The scene is triggered although the PLTS is not armed. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Inputs :
tDoor Whenever Sensor Door is armed and opened

My Modes:
Home tHome
Away tAway

Interval 0:30
Resetstate Off
SwitchMode Delayed Toggle/Explixit Reset

Arm : tAway
Bypass : tHome
Reset : tHome
Trigger : tDoor AND NOT tHome

I’m also having this issue. Even though my PLTS device is in bypass (also when it’s armed), the actions for On and Off still fire.

Here is my setup. The interval is set to 30 seconds just for testing purposes.

Parameter Value
Interval 00:00:30
Interval2 0
ResetState Off
SwitchMode Immediate Toggle/Delayed Reset

Name Description
HarmonyMusic Music
HarmonyOff Off
HarmonyTV TV
HarmonyXbox Xbox
MotionDetected Whenever Bmnt Motion Sensor detects motion whether is armed or disarmed

Name Options Logic Expression
Arm Repeats HarmonyOff
Bypass Repeats HarmonyTV OR HarmonyXbox OR HarmonyMusic
Trigger Repeats MotionDetected OR HarmonyOff
Restart Repeats MotionDetected OR HarmonyOff

Name When Defined Actions
On Condition is True LUA; Immediate - 0
Off Condition is True LUA; Immediate - 0

I have not tested this since I upgraded the UI … I will double check.

I tested this and it seems to be working correctly.

I have actions on a PLTS for both the ON and OFF actions.

When I set the PLTS to BYPASS … the actions do not run … The timer still goes though it’s timing cycle … but no device commands are sent.

Do you have something else (some old scenes) possibly sending commands ?