Buying a used vera?

I am considering buying a used vera from a seller. They say it is registered and they dont know how to unregister it. Does this matter? If i buy it, will i be able to link it to my account? Or will i be able to factory reset it such that I will have no issues? I am kinda new to this side of it so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I have bought one from amazon that was used and I had to send VERA a picture of the back to prove it was in my possession and the serial on it to free it up from the previous user.

So yes you can get it handled but not without the old user or the help of vera.

When I bought my V3 NEW from MCV a few years back it wouldnt let me register it saying it was already registered. I had to get tech support to reset it for me like was said above.


At best it’s a hassle. In addition to re-registering the device with Vera you need to factory reset the unit. Last unit I bought used had all of the devices still displayed in the UI. Rather than deleting each one and resetting the z-wave chip I found it easier to re-flash the unit.