Buy z-wave in Paris?

Are there any brick and mortar stores in Paris carrying z-wave equipment ?

Hi drag0n,

I know BHV on rue de Rivoli used to do X10, then stopped. Leroy Merlin (some stores only, like the one near the Centre Pompidou) also had X10 devices. That doesn’t mean in any way that they are now carrying Z-wave; but you might want to try.

Otherwise, there may be small stores doing Z-wave. But I am afraid the parisian market is not oriented to DIY home automation at all. Most companies are installers, without stores.

If you can’t find anything, then click and mortar will be the only way to go. When I lived in France I often used, and recently I bought on (most of their site is translated in English, and they normally do free EU shipping over 50eur).