Buttons based on variable


I have included in a json file buttons based on variables. When they are in the first tab, everythinng is working. If I move the buttons in another tab, the state of the buttons is no more dependent on the variables (buttons are unchecked).
Is it a Micasaverde bug ? Is it a limitation ? Or is there something I am missing ?

What would be the solution to have radio buttons in other than the first tab ?

I’ve never tried putting “flash” tabs in other than the first slot. You may be the first to discover this bug.

JavaScript tabs seem to work everywhere. They are a lot more flexible so I try to use them all the time.

It could be a limitation. The team that made UI5 assumed that only the first tab is of type “flash”, so there were issues with the other tabs of type “flash”. We thought they were fixed, but it’s not excluded that some issues still exist.