Button Press event - WDHA-12?

I’m not sure the red cog is “right” to be honest (I put a bug report in for it actually)

I was under the impression that the wdha was ac powered when in an outlet- it’s only when you set it up that it uses the 9v battery- or so I thought? So vera should just hold any configuration data till it gets plugged in and ‘wakes up’- like it does with battery operated 3 in 1 sensors.

if nothing else vera should realize it cant configure and not bother so leave the red cog off.

All I am saying is that Vera has displayed the red cog for battery powered scene controllers for quite some time… It is a little confusing, I’ll give you that, but I’m not sure if it would be considered a “bug” as it has been this way since they added the secondary scene controller feature.

As I stated a few posts back in this thread, I think there is something wrong with the code in associating scenes to secondary controllers. (IE the WDHA-12, HA 07, etc) Hopefully they will fix this code bug soon.