Burnt out vera3

I was wondering if anyone could post a high def picture of the inside of their vera3. Mine took a power surge the other day and I don’t believe it is under warranty anymore.

I see what burnt out but cannot make out what the chip says to find a replacement.

Anyone’s help would we great.

There is a thread here how to mod the antenna of vera for an exteral one. There might be some good pictures in that thread.


No go there all veralite in that post. I really need a good picture of what is around the yellow battery. Somebody must be able to help me out.

Post a picture of the specific area of concern, that way we know what area your after

May just be a blown capacitor you can replace. But yes, pics will help.

It is the area around the yellow battery. I can see it is not just a cap as the tssop is fried with visible burn marks. The yellow square is the area i’m really interested in but if u could be a clear top down hidef picture so i could read what was on the chips that would be awesome.

See if you can get enough details from this shot.

Thanks brientim i was able to find the chip and get it from a distributor in China.