Burned out light makes Dimmer Disappear

This is so weird, one of the first Zwave devices I installed at my house was a leviton Dimmer with 2 remotes. About 3 months ago when I was away I cam home to this circuit not working (Pin in the neck since it is the only light on the 2nd floor landing)

I thought the Zwave dimmer went bad. Since it is no longer in vera UI (5)

fast forward to today… I changed bulbs, both are burned out (I’m sure at separate times) … and the dimmer flaked out and left the wave network… and took out a few of it’s neighbors.

I’m guessing my 4 way wiring is semi wrong … it does work, but if both bulbs go out, It does the above. Doing a heal now to see if the other devices come back… otherwise I will remove and re add them.

dimmer with a neutral or no neutral?

The 2 wire dimmers get get powered via the bulb in the circuit since they have no neutral to power them, if the bulb burns out the circuit is open and the z wave chip has no power

Yeah, no natural… I am going to try using one LED and one reg bulb. Hopefully I won’t have LED buzzing and this will save me from zwave network hell if I don’t realize I lost a bulb in Time.

in this case, you may want to jump a resistor and use LEDs. Particularly if you hate changing them because of their inconvenient location.

I used to change a bulb over out front door. It is on every night from dusk to 1:00 every day. It is over 20ft high and had to borrow my neighbors gigantic stepladder minimum once every year. Changed to LED and it has been over three years, the light is brighter, doesn’t attract bugs and is 15% of the original wattage.

No brainer… (which makes it perfect for me ;D)