Bug with Daylight Saving Time & Scenes?

Wasn’t sure what forum this belongs in. The issue is I have a scene that runs at 11:30pm every night called “Bedtime Prep” and then another scene that runs at 12am called “Bedtime”. These scenes normally run as-scheduled with no issues… except for the day here in America when DST begins. On that day, my “Bedtime” scene actually triggers at 11pm. Then a half-hour later the “Bedtime Prep” scene triggers at its normal time of 11:30pm (so yes, Bedtime Prep triggers AFTER bedtime on that day). Going into the UI, Vera still shows the correct (standard) time (since DST doesn’t go into effect until 2:00am local time). I’m not going to stay up until 2am, but when I wake up in the morning, Vera will be at the correct DST time.

I’ll specify that I’m on a Vera Plus running 1.7.2558. Although that doesn’t seem relevant because I had this exact same issue last year when I was still on my Vera 3 running UI5 (whatever the latest version is). When I bought my Vera Plus, per advice posted here I excluded all my devices from the old controller and included them on the new one. I also set up my scenes from scratch on the Vera Plus. Point being, nothing whatsoever got transferred from the Vera 3 to the Vera Plus–and yet I had the same exact problem on both devices.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m in the central time zone here in the US if that matters. Unfortunately I cannot remember if this also happens in November when we go back to Standard time but I know for a fact it happened last year in March (and probably the year before that too).

As far as the nature of the scenes themselves, the 11:30pm one just turns on some lights. The 12am one turns a bunch of lights off, as well as runs some LUUP code to set a sleep timer on my squeezebox in the bedroom. It’s pretty basic stuff.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Thanks.

I’ve not experienced what you described and have similar timed events that happen each day. The difference between mine an yours is mine are both in the “PM”

I would guess you might have better results if your “bedtime” was at 11:59PM.

Just a thought.

[quote=“JohnRob, post:2, topic:195811”]I’ve not experienced what you described and have similar timed events that happen each day. The difference between mine an yours is mine are both in the “PM”

I would guess you might have better results if your “bedtime” was at 11:59PM.

Just a thought.[/quote]

Thanks. You’re right I’m sure that would solve it. It would be great if someone else has seen this though so I can be sure it’s a Vera bug as opposed to something caused by my specific setup.

I guess I had a similar experience, but I was asleep at the time. My Saturday night PLEG to set my mode to Night at 11 pm, which arms my cameras in Blue Iris, but seemed to execute at midnight according to PLEG. My mode was set to Day at 7 am like normal, and cameras were disarmed.

Checking my VeraAlerts messages, my cameras were armed at 11 pm last night.

Now thinking how computers think, I am thinking the time stamp for last night’s shift to Night mode did execute at 11 pm last night, but today, it would be reported as midnight since it is based on yesterday’s time stamp being translated into day’s time. I am sure I am not explaining myself very well.

I am not sure if this is part of what you are seeing or not.

Is your controller set to the correct timezone? If you were set to the wrong timezone but had a correct time somehow, it’s possible that the offset from GMT could have triggered incorrectly and swapped the ultimate order of the scenes. I agree that setting them to 11:29PM and 11:59PM respectively would likely prevent any further issues.

Thanks for the post, but no the time zone is set correctly. And yes, I could change the times there but if this is a true bug with Vera I’d rather confirm and then report it so it can get fixed. There’s no reason it should be happening (and yes perhaps I’m a little too optimistic that it would get fixed).

Seriously, no one else has seen this? I guess I’m sort of surprised, seeing as I’ve experienced this on both UI5 and UI7. Makes me wonder if it only affects the central time zone or some other limiting factor. Of course I haven’t seen anyone post that they didn’t experience the bug either. Maybe it’s not that common to have a scene fire at 00:00.

Any additional data points are welcome.

This is a little late but I had the exact same issue. My auto scene runs at 00:30 and went off an hour early. I assumed it was because the main servers might have been in a time zone that flipped earlier throwing the relative values off.

Thanks MCVHokie! Can you let me know what time zone you’re in?

I’ve had the same experience, but my lights off scene is set for 1 AM. This happened last year and this year, too. Oddly, the scene record says it was run at 2 AM on March 12, 2023. DST should switch, of course, at 2 AM and go immediately to 3 AM.