Bug reports?

Where’s the correct place to file bug reports.

Ok, stop laughing. I know some of you folks have been on this road a long time. And you’re used to the ‘rough edges’. I get it.

But as I begin this process I’d be glad to post whatever bugs or inconsistencies I run into along the way.

Like during setup it asks for both first and last name, separately. Yet the page on the device lumps them together in the last name field.

That and it lost the zipcode and state I’d already typed. Thus probably why it had the wrong temperature/weather image in the corner.

It’s not that hard to cross-reference address info with timezones, I’m sure it’s a nice enough place, but this isn’t anywhere near Midway Island.

Personally I hate dynamic web pages. I hate them even more when they’re used on slow machines. Ugh. Well, I don’t plan on doing setups over and over.

Weeee, what fun, cryptic messages when setting up an app! “Wink_Connect : Startup FAILED: No Wink Hub Username specified.” Um, well, it hasn’t asked me for that data yet… Oh joy, more dynamic pages used for what ought to be modal activities…

Ok, I’m in the middle of working through various options and it decides my session has timed out and I have to log in again. WTH?

Right, I see why folks have raised complaints regarding UI7…

In the older versions they used http://bugs.micasaverde.com. However, it seems they may only provide email support now via support@getvera.com. I looked at the old tracker and it seems as through nothing is new.

The best thing to do is email support, enable remote access in your controller, include the code in the email and CC me. The Customer Care team will investigate and then if there is a legitimate issue they will create task for the Dev Team to resolve it.

would that be support@getvera.com? I have an Ezlo secure

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