[BUG] 5.5 Condition name auto-renamed for no reason

See attached Status HTM file.

I cannot name a Conditon “MorningON” or “MorningOFF” - PLEG renames them to add a numeric 1/2/etc at the end.

I’m not sure why this occurs. It does not do it with EveningON or EveningOFF

I initially created this PLEG and a bunch of inputs/conditions/actions… most with the same names. BUT after doing a SAVE, it did not save and all my Conditions & Actions were gone - thus, I redid it in the same PLEG. But again, these were the same text names and only the MorningON/OFF have a problem.

While this is not a huge issue and I can leave it as-is… there must be some bug causing this I thought you should be aware of.

Referesh your browser (F5) and try again.

yup, that fixed it. I don’t get why Vera has such major problems with browser caching.

The naming of conditions and variables in PLEG was driving me crazy until I started doing F5s regularly…