Brultech Configuration Assisstance

Hey Guys - pretty new to Vera/Mios in general (this is my first real device - which I already had - waiting for others to arrive). I figured I’d get power data flowing into Vera…wow what a challenge (or perhaps that’s just being new to Vera).

I followed through the brultech thread about getting it setup and running and I must be doing something incorrect… would someone who has this running point me in the right direction? I’ve included what I have today (screenshots included).

Brultech ECM-1240. I’m connected to it via the serial to Ethernet adapter. The Brultech Ethernet module has a static IP of /24.

I have a Vera Lite (IP /24) running 1.5.622. I have installed the Brultech App from the store - it created 7 monitor devices for the CT’s.

Following the Brultech guide (,5518.0.html).

As instructed in the guide I used the Brultech Interface Assistant to set the Packet Format to HTTP (see ECM-1240 Settings Attachment).

The Serial Ethernet component is configured as explained in the guide - (set to Server). Server IP is the Vera and I see the following line in the Vera Lua log

" 04/14/13 18:55:10.136 luup_log:4: Brultech PowerMeter: Running Network Attached I_BrultechPowerMeter.xml on Device# 4, id LEAK this:65536 start:65536 to 0xf6e000 <0x2bf65680>"

However I’m not seeing any data in the Device (within Vera). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I see a lot of posting about how to grab URL data or to set the post URL etc but I never saw anything like that - perhaps that’s what I’m missing. Any advice would be great ly appreciated.

Thank you all in advanced :slight_smile:

Two items:
a) Have a look at the most recent discussion on the main thread:,5518.msg109110.html#msg109110
This seems relevant to your situation, although you’d need to provide a screenshot for true validation.

If the ECV-1240 has been configured correctly, then you can use “[tt]telnet[/tt]” to the IP Address, or attach a direct Terminal program (like Hyperterm) to the Serial Port itself… and you’ll see Textual “URL-like” output.

If you don’t see this, then the ECM-1240 is not configured correctly.

NOTE: You’ll need to temporarily Disconnect Vera from connecting to the ECM-1240 IP Address, since those devices cannot have two things connected to them at the same time.

b) Some of the parameter values are incorrect in the Advanced Tab.
[tt]ActiveTemperatureMeters[/tt] defaults to “1,2” not “1.2”. These defaults are for the GreenEye, but still need to be in the correct format
eg. childDevice childDevicechildDevice