Bridging two VeraLite systems

I’ve read the MiOS/Vera docs, FAQ, and a lot of posts.
I know how the bridging SHOULD work, but…

…When I scan for UPnP I don’t see the other VeraLite.
I DO see another UPnP device (a printer) so the basics are working.

But neither Vera sees the other…
…so I am stuck with two unconnected systems.

Latest firmware, UI5, same subnet (only 2 IP addresses apart).
HELP please.


Well, a support ticket to MiCasaVerde got this fixed through enabling remote support logins…
…but what they actually DID they didn’t tell me.
I’ll be asking if there’s a bit more background on this problem/solution.


Alas, the only information I could squeeze out of MCV Tech Support was…

“There was just a missing variable and I managed to fix it …”

So I’m stuck if/when I need to do this again.