Bridging Multiple Vera using different Z-Wave Frequencies

Hi Guys,

I’m just starting with Z-Wave. I live in Hong Kong but have a few European standard devices.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get two Vera’s, one running European standards and one running USA Standards and bridge them together?

There are some very cheap Z-Wave devices available that are easy for me to purchase, but I’d like to link both countries devices to the same system.

For example, my lock could be European and my door sensor could be USA frequency.

I know bridging multiple vera’s is popular, but how about bridging them over IP instead of Z-Wave?

Both devices would be Vera 3 acting as a Wifi client and connected to my network.

Should work Veras ARE BRIDGED over IP not via Z-Wave.
Each Vera has it’s own Z-Wave network.
But you can interact with both and use both in a Scene.