Bridging an EU 868.4MHz Vera Lite with a US 908.4MHz Vera Lite

I’m hard pressed to find any EU thermostats that are compatible with my HVAC system.

As I’m currently using an EU Vera Lite, would it be possible to use it as a master controller bridged to a US Vera Lite? The US Vera Lite would be paired with a US thermostat.

Would such a setup work? Would it truly make my z-wave system region-free :slight_smile: ?

If one is so inclined to provide a non-technical quip - note: I’m not based in either the US nor Europe, so breaking the FCC’s rules, etc is irrelevant :smiley:

Bridging is not reliant on the frequencies and numerous other have already done this.

However, have you looked for other than z-wave thermostats that can be integrated that use wifi? There maybe other options such as nest or 3m-50 thermostats which both have plugins currently available.

Thanks - good to know such a setup works.

I did think about WiFi therms but wasn’t aware of the 3m-50 which looks pretty cool. I may go for it instead. Thanks for the head’s up.

Integrates really well with Vera through a plugin… so good, I have two :slight_smile:

Nest is not a good option, many features do not work outside the US (requires a ZIP code to adjust time and external weather, etc.)