Bridge two Vera Edges

It’s been awhile since anyone addressed this and I thought I saw some people got it working. But anyone care to comment on if this is possible and how well it will work. I have never bridged any vera’s but I have a detached garage that has always been borderline working good or erroring out. Lately with the latest update (which I am not running anymore) I was finding the heal process and such was causing more issues with those hard to reach devices. After alot of playing around I can get them all to work just fine, until an update, or change in the network then its a pain to get it all fixed again.

And I already have as many devices as U can between the house and detached garage (which has 8 z-wave light switches, z-wave wired thermostat and a few other wired z-wave devices in that huge garage/workshop/restroom/casitas. Problem is the gap (pool, driveway, carport, open air) between them.

I will be posting again in the vera “edge external antenna” post. As I had an external antenna on my LITE that was used here.

Homeseer has a their remote device, I would love something like that.

Whats your guys ideas for a permanent solution for this issue?

I too would be very interested in anyone doing this and how it’s working. My situation is exactly the same as integlikewhoa where I have a barn that’s nearly 100’ away and not reliable. I wanted to locate my older Lite in the barn and use my brand new Edge in the main house.