Bricked Veralite?

Hi Guys,

Pretty new to this whole Zwave thing, but im having issues with my Veralite. I bought it used, and i’ve been able to upgrade to the latest firmware, set it up with some zwave plugs and all was working fine… but the device seemed to shut down overnight for no reason. This morning, I checked the device and found a red error light. I rebooted the device, and decided to do a factory reset. After doing the reset, the device doesn’t seem to be working as its meant to. At the moment, the orange, green and blue lights are solid. Have I bricked my veralite??

Solid Orange, Green and Blue are a normal working Vera.

Are you sure you’re using the correct local IP address to reach it? If so, you should probably call Vera support.

Whoops - I meant solid orange green and RED. I also was not able to put it in firmware recovery mode (hold reset button and plug in power), but after many attempts with Ethernet plugged in and outit came back online…

After getting it going again, it turned itself off last night and I’m receiving just a flashing blue light which I believe is indicative of firmware failure… When I can find a windows 7 machine (only have win 8 and Mac at home with no Ethernet port!) I’ll try doing a firmware recovery.

I’ve sent support an email with the description as I’m from Australia and ringing them would either be expensive or I’d have to configure an IP phone… Hopefully the reflash will fix it though!