brick? how to reset ?

vera2 no longer responds to any ethernet request except pings
Ugraded to ui4, played with it then didn’t look at for week or more. Now I can’t log on, cp.mios can’t add it
When power on eth1 and zwave lights come on eventually (wifi disabled)

How does one reset a vera2?
How about a factory reset?
Tried pushing recessed button, tried holding it, tried fast pushing double triple push, pushed to stupid unlabeled button… nothing happens

caonnect to lan 2 with you pc
Set youi PC LAN settings to static IP
Reboot as necessary
log into vera with

If you need to you can reflash the firmware. The wikki has a proceedure

Beyond frustrating. Fat, dumb and stupid is no way to go through life as a home controller.
Working now, couldn’t tell if it reset or not, but must have as some plug-ins gone.