Bought a used Vera light, it came with no documentation, can't connect to it?

I bought a used Vera Light on Amazon, and it came without any documentation at all.
I was at and it says “I didn’t detect a unit on your home network. If you have a new unit, please connect it as shown and when the Z-Wave light is on solid click ‘Continue’ and I’ll try to find it.”
I can’t even tell what light is the Z wave light.

I think the previous owner probably had it set up already, so it’s probably best to do a factory reset, right?
But, I can’t find the right documentation online for that either. One place mentions double pressing a black button, and another a red button, which there isn’t one on the Light. So, I double pressed the recessed black button, but nothing different happened.

Right now, there are three lights, the power light is lit blue, solid. The second is lit orange, solid, and the third is green and flashing rapidly.

Also, will the verification to post on the forum eventually go away with enough posts made? It’s extremely hard for me to read it sometimes, and takes multiple attempts.

Taking some clues from a few places, I disconnected the Vera from my network, powered it down, plugged it into my laptop, disabled wifi on my laptop, then I followed this from

Open Control Panel View by: Large icons -> Network and Sharing Center View by: Category -> View netork status and tasks Click on Change adapter settings Right click on LAN connection to Vera , then click on Properties Highlight the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) item, and click on Properties In the IP address field enter In the subnet mask field enter In the Default gateway field enter Click OK Click OK Again

Then I was able to get to the dashboard, or whatever you call it. But, I am not sure what to do from there. Nothing seems to work properly, as if it’s not connected to the internet.

Maybe I shouldn’t have bought a used unit. :frowning:

dented, the person who sold it to you should have done Setup > Backup > Restore to Factory Defaults. Do that now, then connect Vera to your router so that it has Internet access, and you should be good to go.

Ok, I will try that.
I muddled through some things and found it said this:

The Vera system you are using is linked to another MiOS account with the username(s): 281Lemond You can ask any of those users to add you.

I will try to reset it, like you said and if that doesn’t work, I will contact 281 Lemond.

Search the forum for “remove_ra” for a way to detach your Vera from its existing account.

I tried to reset it as described, but it would’t let me, so I will contact 281Lemond, and then also look into the alternate method you mentioned.

I am feeling like a real dummy.
I can’t find a way to message 281Lemond, and I can’t factory reset the device to eliminate him as the only administrator of the Vera.

Oh, here is the problem.

You are not allowed to send personal messages.

Another post number threshold thing? How many must I post before I can message? I seem to have broken through the one where I had to type in the verification letters, thankfully.

Elaborate. What was the exact error? Remember, I’ve never been in your situation so I can only help as much as you help me to help.

Did you try the remove_ra thing?

Have you contacted the seller directly?

The direct message post threshold is something like 25 posts.

Edit: spelling

There’s no guarantee that the username of the Vera user matches the forum username either.
It sounds more like a house address.

Indeed, there’s no forum user with that name according to the member list.

To be honest, I didn’t understand the RA remove thing. Could anyone explain it to me a bit more? :-
If it’s a command I type in somewhere, I can’t figure where to put it.

Search the forums for: remove_ra

Ok, I performed the Remove_ra command.

Then I reloaded my ui5 page, and was presented an opportunity to add this unit to my account, which I did. But then, I forgot my password. So I had MIOS send me a new password (criminy, I have so many darn passwords).
Once I logged in on another page (MIOS FAQ) I reloaded the ui5 page, and was told:

The Vera system you are using is linked to another MiOS account with the username(s): dented You can ask any of those users to add you.

You don’t have any unit to connect with.

I am dented.

So now, there seems to be two instances of my username?
This thing was supposed to be easy to use. >:(

So I did the remove_ra procedure again, and am now being told

ERROR: User not assigned to access pointOK

I think that means there is no user to remove? But it says I am, though I am not, but I might be, if I were me, which I am.

I also logged out, and in several times on the UI5 page.

I have absolutely scoured the forums, and not finding anything relevant.
I have logged in and out several times.
I have attempted the remove_ra several times.
I have started a ticket with tech support, but it doesn’t appear that there is any? The hours listed are nil. It says they are never open.

Please, does anyone have any idea what I can try next?

I attempted a factory reset, per the FAQ.

Then, after a while, when I reloaded the UI5, I was asked

The Vera system you are using is not linked to your account. Would you like to add it?
This looks familiar, and didn’t work out last time. :wink:

Synchronizing users with the unit… please wait. Then, Unit Added, and I pressed Close.

Then I was able to access things I wasn’t before.

Was it a combination of the URL command, followed by the Factory Reset?

Under Account, Veras, the description of this Vera is still 281Lemond. Is there a way to change that?

Under Setup>Unit Settings:

Overwrite the value in the ‘Enter a descriptive name for this Vera system’ field.


Goto Setting > Unit Setting and login if required and you will be able to rename your unit.