Bought a home with an existing Vera Edge - How to connect?

My son just purchased a home with a Vera edge. I am trying to assist him.
How does he connect to Vera Edge.
He would like to connect to it as is - keeping the configuration that is n place if possible.

It is powered on, all 4 lights are green.

Does he web to the IP give out by his home network (http://192.168…x.x)
Does he use the APP and connect via found device on local home network.

Does he need to know the old username/password?


Hello @schism77

We have sent you an email containing a support ticket (304952). Please check your inbox.

Thank you.


Upon acquiring a Vera or Ezlo controller that has been previously owned, we must conduct an internal security and ownership validation process. This process involves submitting a support ticket ( to ensure that the controller meets the criteria for disassociation from any prior accounts and that all previous owner information has been securely removed from the device.

If you find that your controller is currently assigned or in this situation, please feel free to contact us. Our support agents will be more than happy to assist you with the security and ownership validation process, as well as address any other inquiries you may have.

Thank you all for your contributions!