Bosch Tritech Zigbee motion sensors WORKING

I wanted to share with others that I was able to get both the basic Bosch Zigbee motion sensor as well as the Bosch TRITECH motion sensors working with my Vera (UI7).

This is absolutely amazing!!! These Bosch sensors are soo well made and the TriTech are even better with the microwave functionality.

The best part is the price. I got them for $19 and $40 respectively on Amazon. Hey they are even cheaper than the GoControl, EcoLink or even Neo and much better in detection

Add them as an NYCE door/window sensor. Vera will report that it was added as a generic zigbee device. WAIT 5 minutes and don’t mess with the Bosch sensors during this time. This is very important and it took me hours to figure out. After about 5-7 minutes the Bosch motion sensors will have configured correctly