Bosch Solution 16 Integration

Has anybody managed to integrate a Bosch Solution 16 system with Vera?

I’m struggling to think how (no IR obviously and only wireless key fobs). An SMS module can be installed but not sure of the functionality that is available from this module (presuming it allows arming/disarming/status reports) that could go through an SMS → IP gateway.


I know this topic started a while ago but did you ever find a way to integrate your bosch alarm system with Vera?

I have a bosch solution 64, and was hoping it was possible.

Maybe even replace the keypad/panel with something that is compatible, not sure if this is possible though.


Not sure if you’ll get a response from the original poster as he/she was last active a year ago.

  • Garrett

Thx Garrett,

Thought it was worth a shot. Arent many options to integrate existing alarm systems here in australia that i’m aware off. and dont want to replace existing dedicated bosch alarm system as it works quite well.
If it was just the alarm panel i could replace to make it compatible, i’d do it.