Bosch G100 vs VeraLite G

Hello everyone,
I come from a Honeywell TotalConnect background and our company has been searching for a replacement because of the lack of compatibility we’re having using TC and so many Z-Wave devices. With that said, we’re looking at the Bosch Alarm system and Bosch has chosen to use the Bosch G100 Z-Wave hub, which after a lot of investigation, I discovered is basically a VeraLite G unit.

At this point in time Bosch has very little support for the G100 and were actually the ones who directed me to this forum. I have tried for the most part to get information on the VeraLite G assuming that the Bosch G100 has the same features, for the most part anyway.

Bosch uses a different UI for their G100 unit and it’s very minimalistic in its design. I can live with that, but in some cases I feel it’s too minimalist. For example, if you want to do a little Energy Management it shows the Aeon HEM as one of the devices it’s supposed to be compatible with. Well, it is, sort of, it pairs up OK, but what you see on the screen are 3 separate devices each showing a Wattage number and a KWh number, but they don’t tell you what these number represent, basically like this it’s useless and I would never sell this to a customer in it’s current form.

I have a few questions realizing that not everyone will be familiar with the Bosch G100 Z-Wave hub:

  1. Is there a demo for VeraLite that one can view online?
  2. Does anyone know if the Bosch G100 and VeraLite G have “all” the same features?
  3. Does anyone know of an app that could be downloaded into the VeraLite G that is better for monitoring energy use using the Aeon HEM product?

Any responses are appreciated.

I have a tigerdirect branded veralite g. Apart from the external enclosure, it’s exactly the same as the regular veralite.

If you can connect to a vera store, there is the datamine app that can be installed. I have an aeon hem but haven’t set it up yet so afraid I can’t help.

There are 2 different vera servers for devices running UI5 and thousands running UI6/7. Do a Google image search for Vera UI5 and vera UI7 to see which is closer to what you have.