BlueIris Plugin and/or Foscam Plugins

Hello guys,

running UI7 1.7.2044. I am trying to get the BlueIris Plugin to work and I am trying to add Foscams to Vera Plus.

The BlueIris plugin doesn’t login into the BlueIris server at all despite configuring the camera name and adjusting the URLs from index to the camera names.
The Foscam cameras cannot be added after 6 minutes of waiting for the timeout to occur, allowing me to finally click on manual configuration, then I chose generic camera and unless a picture shows, i cannot even add the generic camera to change the advanced settings to Foscam. I checked the URL for the snapshot.cgi of the foscam in my browser which works but Vera simply doesn’t take it.

So at this moment none of my camera can work on Vera Plus with UI7 while they work beautifully on Vera 3 with UI5.

Any help would be appreciated.

I think it may be firmware issue. You are on the newest version just like I am now. I had them all working for months before last week. Since last week, they all stopped working soon after my unit was updated to latest firmware. As a test, I create a new camera, and updated the settings. Some settings seem to save, others will not save at all. When I go back, its the old values. When I look at blueiris logs, vera is not connecting to correct url or adding user id or password, from what I can tell.

I have opened a ticket with Vera. As a side note, I get alert all the time now:

cannot write user data - System Error.

It could be related not sure yet. Hope to hear back from support by tomorrow.

having the same issue with my foscam cameras since the firmware update. i am not getting the alert you are getting. please post back if you manage to resolve the issue.

Any update?

Can I just ask, what are you all attempting to do using the BI plugin…? Most of us using BI do not use the Vera BI plugin as it’s really not needed. If you’re looking to trigger a scene or just about anything else you can do all of that without using that plugin at all.

Very simple:

Official Vera support for cameras? Almost non-existent especially with UI7.
BlueIris support for amount of cameras? Over 1.000 cameras. So why care about what Vera/Mios supports if the BI plugin works?

This should answer your question.


The blue iris plug-in is very useful when implementing cameras pan and zoom functions. Vera really hasn’t implemented the camera presets.