Blue Iris integration into vera


I have been trying to get blue iris working with my vera hub for weeks. I have gone through every possible scenario without luck. Read a post whicc shows the setup but it did not work, possibly because post was 4 years old.

was hoping someone here could run through the setup of interagting blue Iris into Vera. Would like to get cameras showing up individually and not as a group. Alll cameras working perfectly in Blue iris and ports have been properly forwarded.

We have a free software we call Softhub with CCTV with AI capabilities built in. It is tightly integrated with Ezlo. This software actually has Blue Iris like capabilities and our Hub all in one software. It has object detection, face detection, Zone etc etc…all for free.

Now, you can have full MeshBot automation capabilities with Camera detection, Object recognition and so on.

wow…this sounds great. I will give it a try. Thanks

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