Blown dimmers and switches

The last month or two (after updating from 616 to 979) I have had five of my about 20 dimmers and switches blown up! It seems to start with the switch working only in one way mode (i.e. no status returned on polls) after which it starts switching itself off sporadically for then to eventually stopping to react on any commands at all – not even manual switching?!

Is it possible that a “network repair” could have blown up the switches?

Anyone else with similar problems?

I use European dimmers and switches.

Did you try resetting the switches that are blowen? Sometimes when you turn the circuit breaker on and off this will reset the switch.

never had such a problem.

I’m also having similar problems… how do you do the ‘circuit breaker’ reset?

shut off your circuit beaker in your home that supplies that switch so that it loses all power. Probably best to leave it off a little bit to use up any residual power in the z-wave circuit from any capacitors or anything.

I have never had a problem with dimmer switches, but i have three of the act 3 way /relay switches used individually with some fluorescent fixtures. ONE of the three gets wonky every now and again and refuses to shut off, even when physically tapping the switch. Shutting off power on my breaker box to that circuit for a few seconds seems to clear it and get it to work correctly whenever it happens.

Are you sure you are using the correct switch for that type of load. Using the wrong type of switch, you’ll find that things may work fine for a while and get worse over time. If you have standard incandescent lamps then tou are probably fine, but if you are trying to switch low voltage fixtures (transformer) or fluorescent lamps/fixtures you’ll need a switch designed for that load.

Disregard if this is obvious information.