Block blind / roller shutter module when window / door open?


yesterday evening I nearly managed to get me locked out of my own apartment because while having a beer with my mates on the balcony the scheduled event “Lockdown” at 1am started which closes all rollers. So sitting there on the balcony we were somehow f****… Luckily Matt was inside fetching new beers and he let us in again … but that’s one major problem… my phone was inside. So what can I do to prevent such a situation again?

I am using Duwi 05436 (8) roller modules but they don’t seem to have a “blocking” device parameter. Just parameter 0 for up/down duration and parameter 1 which nobody knows what it is for (I assume it is for the LED-control as it is mentioned in the manual the LED can be turned off).

The enhanced Duwi 05436 (8) also know as 06436 module (same hardware, just different firmware) offers a “blocking device” in parameter 6 to be set (device ID, 1byte dec).

Not sure whether the Fibaro ROller Shutter 1 or the new version 2 offers this feature either.

So what are my options beside replacing the module? Some Luup-Code to prevent any operation while a sensor is tripped ( door/window contact at the balcony-door). Input is appreciated.

I think the z-wave door sensor is your best option. We used to use shade motor controllers that could wire to the alarm contact on the door or window so if the window was open the shade couldn’t operate. I am not familiar of a Z-Wave motor controller with this option. Maybe you could figure out a relay and micro switch to cut power to the motor if the window is open.

Your story reminded me of a truck I bought used that had an alarm I wasn’t used to that would lock the doors and roll up all of the windows after sitting with the engine off for a minute. So the first time I went to fill up with fuel, I left the key in the ignition with the motor off, I got out to fill up, and the car proceeded to automatically lock me out. :o

I just got a new ZME 06436. I ll play with it a bit and check out how good this “Blocking Device” Feature works. If so, I ll replace the roller controll at the door with the new module. I ll leave the other windows with the old ones then.

The relay cutting power is another option but that’s a more complex setup in my oppinion. I ll try software level first.

I am avoiding that with a door sensor. My PLEG condition which decides when to close the blind checks if the door is opened.