Blink $79 Home Security Wireless Camera/Motion Detector

Saw these today, thought I would share:



From their FAQ:

Q. Does Blink integrate with other Smart Home platforms and devices?
A. Our initial Blink product won’t offer this functionality, but it’s a feature we know is important to many of our backers and customers. We want to make Blink as user-friendly as possible, including integration with other Smart Home products down the road.

While the FAQ says it does not technically “integrate” with other automation systems yet, from what I’ve read on other websites this is an IP camera. You should be able to plug in the necessary information, such as mjpeg path/url and IP address, into the generic IP camera configuration with Vera and get it to work. For example, I have a Measy U4C android stick that has a camera running an android app called IP Webcam that works great with Vera. It’s not “integrated”, but with some simple setup it works very well.

The blink website also states that the camera will be controllable from any web browser, which further leads me to believe it will expose the necessary URL information pretty readily. What is not clear is how this will affect the camera and battery life. The camera is able to run on batteries because under normal conditions, it only turns on for 5 seconds when motion is detected. It can be viewed in live mode, but that surely eats up the battery much more quickly. Will Vera hitting the camera URL keep it always on live mode? If so, I would expect the battery to last an hour, rather than a year, which kind of defeats the entire purpose of this thing.

Has anyone messed around with these cameras? I’m very interested in adding them to the interior of my home. I currently have some wired older d-link cameras I’d like to replace.

Look here…

Also here…



Anyone get one of these working with Blue Iris…?

[ul][quote=“jmcgonigal, post:4, topic:188114”]Has anyone messed around with these cameras? I’m very interested in adding them to the interior of my home. I currently have some wired older d-link cameras I’d like to replace.[/quote]
I got 2 from the original kick start campaign and now have 22.

I love them. However, they may not do what you expect because they are optimized for minimal battery usage. I’m new to Vera Plus coming from SmartThings and don’t know how difficult an interface would be.

I’ll list the perceived negatives:
Motion triggers at most 10 second video with ten second delay before next event,
No “night vision” but instead LED light,
Blue status light comes on no matter what,
Requires small “Sync Module” plugged in within about 150 feet,
Not for outside but I have them under eves so far without issue,
Cameras and “Sync Module” use WiFi,
Cloud based,
Live view times can take about 10 seconds to start,
Live view nags with “Continue?” button every 30 seconds or times out in five minutes even if powered,
Only one user account,
Only one can access cameras at a time,
No web interface, only mobile (they say one is planned),
Uses PIR motion sensor and does not support video zones,
An event can NOT be triggered without taking at least a one second video (i.e. can’t use strictly as motion sensor),
API isn’t published yet, though some have backward engineered and others seem to have beta access.

I found the unofficial documentation for the Blink Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring & Alert System. Unfortunately I’m not smart enough to be able to write a plugin for this. Anyone else up for the challenge?

The newbie that I am I figured out how to automatically arm and disarm my Blink cameras when I leave the house. Using the Geo Fencing feature within the Vera Mobile app, which I know is not always accurate, along with PLEG, I can send the arm and disarm commands from my controller vs the Blink app.

I manually entered the curl commands from the github link I posted earlier to get my Auth Token and Network ID. The Auth Token appears to be constant and no need to get a new token with a new login after a period of time. Time will tell on this one. I’m only 2 hours in since got my token.

I already had a House Mode defined within PLEG (m_Home) and just needed two conditions for when I am home (m_Home) and not home/or night (!m_Home). With these, I created two logic actions and had it execute LUA code instead.

os.execute('curl -H "Host:" -H "TOKEN_AUTH: *Your_Auth_Token*" --data-binary --compressed*Your_Network_ID*/arm')

Of course, changing the arm at the end of the URL to disarm depending on the logic action.

Next up I would love to get these cameras to show up in the Cameras section. I fear though that I will not be wise enough for that.

Turns out the auth token doesn’t last very long. Maybe 12 or 24 hours? I managed to get a lengthy command line to work, but when I put it with the os.execute line I get an Invalid LUA Action in PLEG. Any ideas?

Lengthy Command: Works at the CLI

authtoken=$(curl -H "Host:" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data-binary '{ "password" : "*your_password*", "client_specifier" : "iPhone 9.2 | 2.2 | 222", "email" : "*your@email*" }' --compressed | cut -d'"' -f 6) && curl -H "Host:" -H "TOKEN_AUTH: $authtoken" --data-binary --compressed*your_network*/arm

LUA Command: Doesn’t work

os.execute('authtoken=$(curl -H "Host:" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data-binary '{ "password" : "*your_password*", "client_specifier" : "iPhone 9.2 | 2.2 | 222", "email" : "*your@email*" }' --compressed | cut -d'"' -f 6) && curl -H "Host:" -H "TOKEN_AUTH: $authtoken" --data-binary --compressed*your_network*/arm')

As cool as these cameras are, if I can’t get this to auto arm and disarm from Vera, I’m sending them back. Blink support said they do not have Vera on their roadmap.

I think I sorted it out. I put the above commands into two script files in the home directory for root. One for arm and one to disarm. Then used the os.execute LUA command to call the script. “/root/”

So far so good.

Is this still working for you. I have zero Vera experience but I decided to take a gamble on a VeraSecure which I hope to be in soon and would like to arm and disarm my Blink System from this.

Yes it is. Blink changed their domain for the API, but that was an easy fix. Whenever my Vera goes into any mode other than Home, I call a script that enables the cameras and sets the motion detection to on.