Blind control

Dear Forum
clueless newbie here, sorry. I’m looking for some help setting up some scenes, i know i will have a learning curve but some early advice could save me time, effort and frustration.

I want to have multuple scenes controling my roller shutters but every action on has to obey one rule; “if the door is open the shutters cannot come down”

my hardware is a Fibaro FGRM-222 & HSM02 door sensor with a Vera Lite UI7

using the simple point and click scene maker doesnt give me enough options i.e. i can see when a door is opened (the action) but not when the door is open (status). I assume i need to use LUUP code but how do i structure this? e.g. one scene with the door protection which every other scene accesses or do i use a peice of LUUP code in every scene that uses the shutter?

thanks in advance, any advice greatly received


Here is some example code that checks the door sensor to see if the window is open before deploying the motorized shade:,22695.msg228602.html#msg228602

I hope this helps. You’d have to make changes to the code to reflect your device/scene numbers, etc.