Blackberry App

I installed the blackberry storm app and after some work I finally got it to connect. but alas there is nothing to be seen. I look at the connection test and it just says response string “error”

I tried to load and i authenticated, but it just says error. nothing new.

I just wonder if it’s me or is it just not working. I read a bit on here and on the bugs server that it seems to have issues, but I am just trying to see if it’s just me.

If this is about a Blackberry-specific app, then ignore this post, because I use an iPhone.

Have you installed the Smartphone Web Interface in the Luup plugins on your Vera? After that, logging in at should work in your browser. At least it’s working on my phone in Safari.

Also, the secure service must be activated from Setup/ tab.

Later edit: Also, you won’t be able to see the plugins page on version lower than 1.0.700. If you’re running one of those versions, please read this page:

thanks, i was running .616 i upgraded to .979 and it fixed most of my problems.

does anyone know when/if the blackberry app or the smartphone graphical pages will show sensor status. i saw some discussion about thermostats and dimmers, but i have a couple of door sensors, that i would like to know if any are tripped via the mobile interface. (i.e. did I leave my garage door open this morning)