Bhyve Irrigation Plugin development

I recently purchased a Bhyve Smart Watering Controller for my home.

After fiddling around with ‘Postman’ making some api calls to try and figure out how to go about writing a Vera plugin. I finally was able to create access tokens to the device.

Most of my coding knowledge is C#, javascript, but I’m will to give LUA a go and see if I can get a Bhyve Smart Irrigation controller plugin rollin’.


I just released my first plugin.

A lot can be learned by looking existing plugins, beware of course taking any bad practices.

Here is my plugin code for reference:

There is also “plugin tutorial” by @rigpapa


Just a note to this: this is a work in progress, and very much incomplete. It also includes a basic plugin framework first cut (I actually used it to implement Submasters, as a test/proof-of-concept). But expect a lot of holes and errata. Corrections and contributions are always welcome!

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Welp, this dream ended fairly quickly. Seems as though you can parse information form the bhyve units, however there isnt was way to initiate the unit to run from cammand line.

I think I might sniff the Network with Wireshark and see if there is anything that could be figured out, but the control API is non existent for this device.

Is this still a no go or is there any hope in resurrecting the project?
I came across someone else working on integrating the bhyve with home automation, but it’s a bit over my head…