Beyond Geofencing with Life360

Is there a way to integrate Life360? I had been using Life360 with SmartThings, Hubitat and Home Assistant. It would be nice if Vera can support it as every other automation system has support for it. I did some searches and I found a lot of hit or miss, but nothing definitive about it working.

Since there aren’t any replies. I’ll talk to myself. I do that anyways.


[ul][li]Working prototype of using Life360 to toggle Virtual Switches in Vera


[ul][li]Virtual Switches plugin
Python 3

Setup a cron job or other scheduler to run the presence-checker script (I have every 2 minutes). If marked at “Home” in Life360 the switch is turned on. If the person is anything else the switch is turned off.

This setup can be used with scenes as it is now controlling my garage door.

I’m going to continue looking/expanding on this. I just started reading the luup plugin docs and trying to get a grasp on those.

Just to let you know. I would love to see a Vera plugin for Life360 :wink:

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As I posted before, I do have a working integration with Life360. Currently it relies on a Python or Shell script (your choice) for it to work. That would need to be ran on a box capable of running it. I don’t know if I’ll be making a full blown plugin. With the way things are going with getting Vera up and a full working system I’m not sure I want to put that much effort into something I haven’t decided to stick with for more than a couple of weeks.

With that said, I can point you in the right direction of what needs to be done to have a working setup.