Better device control for my custom A/C control

Hello everyone,
I have a home made remote control that, via HTTP commands, controls my A/C system.
I wish to integrate it into Vera in a decent way.
So far, I was able to create a global function that accepts parameters, and I used virtual switch, that its “on” state will invoke my function with one set of parameters, and “off” state will use it with a different set ,that will eventually turn on or off the AC.

The control right now is really lacking, and I cant select temperature or fan speed.

What is the best solution for me to create a control layout that is similar to roller shutter, having a slider for temperature selection and off/low/high fan speed?
Right now I tried to take the json layout of the roller shutter and started modifying it, and trying to see how it looks in the device simulator, but its not that straight forward and Its more like trial and error.


I have done something similar and used the VirtualThermostat i combination with a virtual switch.

Works great.