Beta - VeraMobile for Android v.7.50.530

Today we’ve submitted to Google store a Beta update for VeraMobile for Android v.7.50.530.


The scene creation flow has been redesigned and is now more user-intuitive than before, and is similar to the scene creation flow from VeraMobile for iOS.

Fixes for Ezlo Atom and Ezlo PlugHub:

  • Fixed the ability to set a user notification when a scene is created.
  • Fixed an issue when a scene couldn’t be saved if a thermostat device was used.

Fixes for Vera controllers:

  • Fixed an issue when the user was not redirected to the dashboard after on boarding.

For those of you that are Beta testers via the Google platform and want to test the build faster, you can enroll at this link , as we’ve changed the tool to distribute the builds - if you haven’t done it already. If you already use the new tool, you’ll receive an app update with v.7.50.529.


I notice that if I tap Menu ► Settings ► Customer Care (to check my firmware/app revisions), and then tap “Back” in Android, I’m forced out of the program – that is, my phone returns to its Home screen, leaving me to re-launch Vera Mobile.

Can the VeraMobile app be made to behave so that pressing “Back” from that screen instead returns you to the main program?
(Most users would not think to press Menu ► Dashboard or Menu ► Settings in lieu of using the standard “Back” feature.)

I’ve noticed that also.

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