Beta - Vera Mobile for iOS 3.57(16)

Hello guys,

A new update is available now on TestFlight.

New features for eZLO hubs:

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • fixed remote live streaming stability
  • fixed an issue where only 10 recording where available for a camera
  • fixed a crash that affected door locks pin management
  • fixed an issue where the hub failed to be added to the account using WiFi
  • fixed an issue where instructions were not visible on VistaCam703 wizard
  • fixed an issue where the app crashed when opening VistaCam703 stream
  • fixed an issue where some camera settings were not available for VistaCam703

Because I had multiple hubs (Vidoo CCTV system shows as a hub too) Siri would only work if I had logged on to the right controller before.

Now, Siri works no matter which controller I am logged in! Nice work team!

I noticed with the latest update I no longer have the option of heat on my thermostat. It is an RT CT101 thermostat. The web console is fine. The only options I have is AUTO, OFF or COOL.

Edit - if it helps posting here to add me to the Beta (I requested via a link) that’d be great.

Please send me you email address in a private message and I will add you

Were these fixes also done on the Android Vera or Mios apps?

Remote streaming to a VistaCam703 didnt seem to be working well for me and it also does not record upon motion events.