Beta user

How can I become a beta user. Or is it just a matter of using the links provided by vera on the advance tab. I have two veras so I would like to join the group. I’m already on the Android beta group. Is it the same for the firmware upgrades too. Thanks

Yes copy and paste the link but to be honest I would not recomend this.

Look at the thread about the firmware update and read this before you decide to upgrade. I look at my current status and see 22 devices are no longer connected! Wish me luck sorting out this mess.

That’s why I only upgraded my Vera Plus and Edge that I will be migrating my Vera 3’s to. As the Vera 3’s are my ‘production’ system and they are stable there is no way those get upgraded with new firmware unless I am 100% certain no loss of stability/functionality will occur.

I am on the Android beta. No real risk there as I can relay on Imperihome Pro and AuthomationHD for backup.