Beta update for Ezlo WEB UI – 1.0.145

We’ve released a new Beta update for Ezlo WEB UI – 1.0.145 with the following:

New Features:

  • EZLOgic scenes – feature parity with mobile apps, pre alpha version is available now in WEB UI 1.0.145
    You can now create rules/scenes using our web based tool.
    –When “this happens”, Then “do this” structure.
  • Device settings – feature parity with mobile apps
  • Gateway settings
  • Virtual devices manager


  • Selection of wrong device from the menu
  • Hub is going to soft reset instead of reboot
  • Graphical overlay in Google Chrome Windows 10
  • Devices added to favorites their buttons are oval not round in shape.
  • The list of created backups for ezlo plus - disappeared
  • Fixes in the «in progress» step for restore backup page.
  • Fixes in «completed» step for restore backup page.
  • Other minor style improvements on backups page and device settings pages


Very Nice…keep it up

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Is this related to this “Reboot” button ?


This “Reboot” button does not actually reboot the hub but Reset’s it correct ?

I think it’s a language translation issue…Probably used incorrectly in America…But REBOOT in the USA is a restart of A device (all settings stay in place)- We do not consider a “reboot” of a DEVICE as a “factory reset” (default set loaded)… We say “reboot for PC” meaning “restart” and not “load windows to factory default”.

MY ezlo Plus transition has stopped- after no perceived action on my current tickets -that is beyond the guarantee!?!

Hello @fredthetiredman regarding your tickets, I have already answered you here.

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