BETA testers needed for UI6 support

Please respond if you would like to BETA test the code changes for the UI6 implementation that is currently not supported in iViri. I will need UDID’s of your iPhone device and those can be sent to if you were not a member of the first BETA testers group.

I can help test, however I have very limited devices and plugins on my UI6 box currently, and can oy really test that it connects.

Like Strangely, I am on UI6 at our vacation hime, very limited number of plugins, but willing to assist.

After I receive the documentation from MCV I will see to what extent it needs to be tested. It is my understanding that nothing around the actual http calls changed jut now we use tokens and there are different servers for remote access. Like I said though I haven’t seen anything yet so these are just assumptions at the moment. Stay tuned and I will update this thread as I get more information.

Same, same here…