Beta release - Ezlo Linux [production-166] for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

Hello all,

We released a new beta Ezlo Linux firmware [production-166] on Dec 28, 2023.
The new update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-166] for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers contains:

Device integration - new integrations, fixes, and improvements
Integrate Z-wave 300 locks to use software restrictions
[ZWave] [Associations] Association delete fails randomly
[ZWave] [Weiser] All pin codes become invisible
[ZWave] Integrate Neo Coolcam NAS-ABO2ZU Siren
[ZWave] [Zooz Zen30 Double Switch] Unable to control the second switch in Ezlo
[ZWave] Service stops because of flooding - integrate Fibaro Smart Implant
[ZWave] Zooz Zen16 Multirelay

System stability - fixes and improvements
[Connectivity] Hub disconnecting from the cloud on eth0 interface
[LTE][Wi-Fi] Change the interval of the AT commands to increase stability
[LTE] Improve LTE connection time for T-Mobile and Hologram SIMs
[WiFi onboarding] Make a queue for wifi scanner calls to avoid parallel execution
[Ezlogic] Issues deleting LUA scripts that have been referenced in a Meshbot rule
[Network] Add additional public DNS servers
[Lua API][Network] Support multicast for Lua asynchronous sockets

Database overflow blocks scene execution
[Cloning] Clone scenes with inner links in triggers
[Cloning] Clone scenes with inner references in actions
[Cloning] Support action groups links cloning for hub.scenes.clone
[Cloning] Support block_reference links for hub.scenes.clone
[Cloning] hub.scenes.clone for simple scenes
Implement action block for the hub backup run

[Cameras] camera_test, ha-camerasd memory leak due to accumulated delay fix routine
Streaming is not working until ha-camerasd service is restarted
[VC703][VC1203] No more broadcasts from camera motion sensor/sound sensor

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Some interesting updates here on this release.

My Ezlo hubs are all using ethernet cables. Some times they flash orange for seemingly no reason, meaning lost connection to your cloud. Hope this is now an improvement.

This was one of my tickets, will have to check it again now.

Wonder what this issue was.

Cloning is a new feature, seems only available on cloud Meshbot rules currently not local ones?

Not sure how reliable the motion detection events are from the VistaCams as I dont use mine for anything mission critical currently.

However the sound sensor devices they generate have never seemed to work at all for myself.

I have a 703 in the kitchen and tried to setup a “dog barking” rule for when I am away and that cam detected a loud noise, but never managed to get that working.

I just tested this again and it is indeed now fixed. Thanks.