Beta release - Ezlo Linux [production-164] for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

Hello all,

We released a new beta update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-164] on Nov 29, 2023.
The new update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-164] for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers contains:

Device integration - new integrations, fixes, and improvements
[2GIG] Fix the representation of the smoke sensor
[Zigbee] Infinite loop on Zigbee library initialization
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800CO Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800SSI Wireless Shock Glass-break Sensor
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800SMOKEEV Smoke Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate FG-1625 Flush Mount Glassbreak Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5821 Wireless Temperature Sensor and Flood Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800SS1 Wireless Shock Sensor
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5816 Wireless Door Sensor and Window Sensor
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5820L Wireless Slim Line Door Sensor and Window Sensor
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5818MNL Wireless Mini Recessed Door Sensor and Window Sensor
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5808W3 Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5853 Wireless Glass Break Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800COMBO Smoke, Heat and CO Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800PIR-RES Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector
[2GIG] [Honeywell] Integrate 5800 MINI Wireless D/W sensor
Multichannel devices. Command Set Value is ignored for a short time ( 5 -7 seconds) after a previous try.
Software restriction not activating pincode at the correct time
Cannot set pin code restrictions for door locks
Stelpro Maestro SMT402 integration issue
Stelpro STZB402+ baseboard heater thermostat issue
Ecolink WST-802 is not displayed on Vera App
Integrate Roller Shade device
[Community] Fibaro FGD-212 scene control function not visible in Meshbot
Philio Leak Sensor (PAT02-2C) Integration Issues
Unable to pair Xiaomi Aqara DJT11LM Vibration Sensor

System stability - fixes and improvements
Z-Wave service crashed after a flood from an unknown node
ZWave Service Restart When the Chip Became Unresponsive
[LTE] Improve LTE connection time for T-Mobile and Hologram SIMs
[LTE] AT&T 4G SIMs register in a network faster
[Cameras] More stable work with cameras connected to a hub
[Wifi] Ezlo Plus WiFi connectivity improvements
[Network] Add additional public DNS servers
[Siren] E550 Controller Siren: add default timeout for playback duration
[WiFi] Make intervals between repeatable attempts to scan WiFi networks
[Update Reliability][Filesystem Integrity] Implement an update for the bootloader to enable hub recovery from the USB
[DateTime Management][NTP] Local time is never updated after the firmware start
[MQTT Gateway] Add a hub feature to indicate the hub has MQTT Gateway
[network] wi-fi connection cannot be re-established. Failed to scan LAN (Network Utilities locked in uninterruptible sleep state)
[Plugins][Network] Add socket options: ip-add-membership, ip-drop-membership, TTL

isSunState: sunrise and sunset doesn’t work properly
[EZLogic. Local MeshBot][Anonymous Plugins] hub.scenes.edit: Failed to acquire anonymous plugin
[Plugins][HTTP] Http request skip_security option: skip host domain verification security checks
[Anonymous Plugin] “Failed to acquire anonymous plugin!” while creating a scene
[MQTT Gateway] Support backup create operation
Unable to add “setSceneState” scene block
[Actions] SaveResult: global variable type is modified when an error is saved
[Actions] sendHttpRequest: unable to get a valid response from external API
[Actions] sendHttpRequest: suppress Expect header for PUT/POST requests by default
[Date Node] isDate: daily, weekly, monthly events to plan event time in UTC
[Date Node] isDateRange to plan event time in UTC
[Date Node] isInterval to plan event time in UTC
[Date Node] isOnce to plan event time in UTC
The scene with compareNumberRange for the device group does not run.
[Actions] setItemValue: Multicast optimization ignores the “scale” field
isSunState: Fix sunset/sunrise calculation during the day of DST change
[EZLogic. Local MeshBot] Creation of more than one trigger with device group and item group is not supported - controller errors.
[Stop Meshbot][Triggers] isSceneState: integrate new status “stopped”
Group Operations][Events] Implement isDeviceItemGroup comparison: match event with a device group

[Vidoo] Do not recreate a camera device when the device is renamed

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Z-Wave service crashed after a flood from an unknown node
ZWave Service Restart When the Chip Became Unresponsive

Does this mean that my problem (regular inability to reach all Z-Wave devices) with Request #299707 is solved and I can take out the Meshbot to restart the controller every day?

Not sure what changed here, but this seems to trigger a degradation on my hub.
Since roughly this release, a scene, switching on a FGD-212 switch status, is (randomly?) triggering every few hours.

The FGD-212 has 2 switch inputs. However, in the scene there is only a single switch selectable. This switch represented the status of S1 till recently, which worked ok.

However, it now reactes on both inputs. So changing S2 status triggers the scene as well.

I would expect the 2 inputs (and outputs!) the be shown separately in the meshbot rules.

Furthermore, I did a device rediscover, in the hope the scene functionality would show up in the meshbot. however, that bit is still missing. Perhaps the firmware supports it now, but EZLogic is not yet exposing that feature?

Hello @jouked
Let us check the issue you reported. and I’ll get back with additional info.

Hello @Odysee

This mechanism should help in your case, cause the logic is the same as in the meshbot created for you. But it should be tested to be 100% sure.

OK. Then I’ll test it and give you feedback as to whether it works.

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No more crashes so far. Seems to be fixed with the new firmware.


My Ezlo Secure still on firmware version, with “update enable”. Why?

In order to get the Beta releases you have to ask support to add you to the Beta list. otherwise you just get production releases.