Beta - MiOS app for Android v.1.0.586

We’re releasing a Beta update for MiOS app for Android v.1.0.586 with the following:

  • Fixed an issue where dashboard configurator couldn’t be opened;
  • Fixed an issue where “+” button for creating a new dashboard was failing;
  • Add Energy Monitoring* for all Ezlo controllers;
  • Fixed an issue for Samsung devices where using the microphone function for the VistaCam 1200 was not working;
  • Fixed an issue where the toggle to set an action for a device in scenes was not working;

*Energy Monitoring - we currently have some server-side issues, targeted to be solved early next week. No update will be required for the app.


Does this require a new FW on the EzloPlus ?

My Neo Coolcam plug, shows Watt usage, but nothing shows up in the Energy Monitoring on the MiOS app


We are facing some server-side issues and we’re targeting to get them solved early next week. There will be no update required, since the fixes are server-side.

I’ve added this as a known issue as well in the release notes.

No. The latest Ezlo Linux and RTOS firmware has the support.

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