Beta - Ezlo Linux firmware v.1.5.1088.1 update for VeraEdge and Ezlo Plus controllers

We’ve released today a new Ezlo Linux firmware v.1.5.1088.1 for VeraEdge with Linux firmware and Ezlo Plus controllers:
New Features:

  • Lua API: added HTTP answer code to http_connection_closed event
  • Lua API: user_data in http.request() can be of any type.
  • Added support in firmware for the ZigBee door lock cluster (the list of supported Zigbee door looks will be confirmed in the upcoming device integration release notes once the devices will be fully evaluated)
  • Added support for Zwave Version command class
  • Added support for Zwave devices Firmware Update (the support for this feature on cloud and/or mobile apps will come part of the next releases)


  • Bug fixes on working with Zwave and Zigbee devices.

Known issues:

  • Issue on devices that support Tamper where the broadcasts and notifications generated are opposite to the actual tamper state

  • Issue on Z-Wave devices with “electric_meter_amper” that is updated only when the hub is restarted. Ampere meter not changing value instantly once pairing a device supporting it (for example pairing a switch and adding some load to it - e.g. connect a bulb)

  • Issue with incorrect sunrise/sunset time for scene in case the timezone is changed after enrollment. The sunrise/sunset scenes are calculated based on location and for the moment we do not have UI support to change it after enrollment (API is in progress of being integrated in UI)

  • Issue on Vera Edge where after the first update from Vera FW to the new Linux FW the “Internet” LED is OFF


Does this mean I’ll be eventually able to update the firmware on my Fibaro modules?

Hi @Ioana
very good news, can you tell us more, much more please?

What about access to the box via the google chrome web browser for example please?
Best regards



Yes, it will be possible to update the firmware on your devices.

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Yes but Fibaro dont give away their device firmwares so not possible anyway, but with other brands it might work… ping @cw-kid

As I understand it Fibaro and likely other manufacturers don’t publicly release the firmware update files.

However I believe Fibaro can and do work with 3rd party Z-Wave hub manufacturers to enable them to offer OTA firmware updates for their modules.

@oleh will need to confirm how this might work in practice in more detail?


I noticed more “Cannot detect device” messages. And what is worse, I cannot control these devices anymore. Before if a switch reported this i could still flip it in the app and a scene would still operate it. This is no longer the case. Also if i send a command via the API tool, or ws the switch does not operate at all.

Cheers rene

Thank you for reporting this. My colleague @Oleh will investigate right away.

we are checking the issue now.
Do you see “Cannot detect device” messages for all devices or just for battery powered devices ?

Hi @Oleh,

It is a mix. Mostly I see them on Fibaro plug switches, and HeatIt wall controllers. Common is they are both not in the supported list and included as Generic zwave device. However, occasionally the Neo water leak sensor that is on the supported list has the same problem. I will send it the detailed logs once I have them. In all cases if I operate the device manually, the message goes away and they work again for some random time.

Cheers Rene

Now we implemented this functionality in the API and our Zwave library and continue to work on other parts of the system. The whole update process will work automatically.

@reneboer, thanks for additional logs, checking it now.