Beta - Ezlo Linux fe v.1.0.25 update for Vera Edge and Ezlo Plus controllers

We’re happy to release a new Ezlo Linux update v. 1.0.25 for Vera Edge and Ezlo Plus controllers:
New Features:

  • Added support HTTP Lua module
  • Implemented Lua API for changing items value of other plugin.


  • Bug fixing on Z-Wave and Zigbee devices

Known issues:

  • Issue with no “http_connection_closed” broadcast when the connection is closed via http.close_connection(id).
  • Issue on Z-Wave devices with “electric_meter_amper” that is updated only when the hub is restarted. Ampere meter not changing value instantly once pairing a device supporting it (for example pairing a switch and adding some load to it - e.g. connect a bulb)

Attached you can find the latest API documentation with the new features
http_module_API.pdf (40.0 KB)

For all users that enrolled in the Alpha group for Vera Edge with Ezlo Linux fw or in Beta for Ezlo Plus you need to do one of the following actions to get the update:

  • Power cycle your Vera Edge/Ezlo Plus controller or
  • Unplug the ethernet cable, wait for 10s, plug it back into the Vera Edge/Ezlo Plus controller.

now HTTP is supported!!!
have fun guys!!


THAT’s what I’ve been waiting for! Yeehah!


Thanks to your input we have been improving the APIs!!


Does this mean we can send commands from Ezlo Plus to Vera controllers via http so they can communicate with each other?

That’s great news. looking forward to receiving the Ezlo plus, Should now be able to link vera and ezlo hubs.

Reactor as first app on the new platform. (Dreaming)


for http requests can you give us a quick creation system to create links to the vera please ? A request that would read in the vera and create virtual devices to select for example: this would save users a lot of time and ultimately allow a smooth migration to the Ezlo system


The http API on the Ezlo FW means a plugin can be created that can communicate using HTTP. It does not give any integration with Vera nor will it now allow the query an Ezlo Hub with http commands. The API is a building block for plugin writers.

I am trying a simple bridge so you see some Vera devices on an Ezlo, but that will not be the basis of a full working bridge. Well, at least not for now, who knows what the future brings.

Cheers Rene

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I guess it’s good the plugin developers have an API to work with for creating their plugins.

However when will end users be able to query and control the Ezlo hub and its devices / scenes, via simple one line http commands as we can now with Vera? @melih we talked about this before.

I would also like to see the ability to create virtual devices on the Ezlo hub that control the real devices on Vera.

This would allow us to test the Ezlo dashboards for example and their rules engine.

Eventually devices would be unpaired from Vera and paired to the Ezlo hub, but that will be way down the line for me.

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Or Rene’s Harmony plugin :blush:

http_module_API.pdf (40.0 KB)

Is this what you mean?

Virtual devices coming soon…and with HTTP support combined with virtual devices we might have a shot at controlling devices connected to old vera fw.

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No I don’t think so, I can’t see anything obvious to me in that document, do you have some examples?

My Vera firmware examples for you below, what would the Ezlo firmware equivalents be?

Single line HTTP commands can be sent to Vera to control a device or run a scene on Vera, from any other device / app on my LAN.

Turn on a switch:

(Where DeviceNum=81 is the switches ID number in Vera etc)
(SetTarget&newTargetValue=1 means ON)


Turn off a switch:


(Where DeviceNum=81 is the switches ID number in Vera etc)
(SetTarget&newTargetValue=0 means OFF)

They called it LUUP Requests and more single line HTTP command examples can be seen on this WIKI page.

I can set lights to be a certain brightness using LoadLevelStatus=

Run Vera scenes or do lots of other things.

I use this for controlling Vera via other devices and apps on my LAN network.

We talked about this before but I can’t find the thread.

We really need a proper bug tracking and feature requests content management system rather than just using the forums.


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Here is one example of an app that does not support or know anything about Vera.

It’s the Yatse remote control app for Kodi media center.

However by customising the Yatse app and adding in custom HTTP post commands in Yatse.

I can then control various Vera devices and scenes from the Yatse app.

This is just one example of using the simple single line HTTP command calls to have anything you like that can send out HTTP commands on your LAN to control Vera.

Custom Vera Commands in Yatse.

Yatse send simple one line HTTP post commands to Vera.

Its all well and good having the full Ezlo API’s for plugin developers to be able to create plugins.

But end users need a simple and easy to understand single line HTTP API interface / web server for controlling their Ezlo hub devices and scenes from other devices and apps on their LAN.

Such as the existing “Luup Requests” feature we have in Vera today.

And also it needs to work in reverse for example to have a virtual on / off switch on the Ezlo hub to send out HTTP commands or SSH os.execute commands wget / curl etc, to the target device on the LAN, perhaps to a router to control a VPN client on / off. For devices that likely won’t be natively supported by Ezlo.

Thank you.


Could this be automated / scripted somehow for the end users ? For testing purposes.

Obviously if I can quickly and easily get a virtual device copy on the Ezlo hub of all my real devices on the production Vera hub, then I can more quickly start testing the new Ezlo dashboard app and the inbuilt rules engine, rather then messing around for days trying to create virtual devices on the Ezlo hub manually to try and replicate the real devices in Vera.

No one in their right mind is going to start unpariing Z-Wave devices from the relatively stable Vera unit for testing the Ezlo platform. I have only a few spare / old Z-Wave devices I could pair to an Ezlo hub.

Obviously the more devices we have on the Ezlo hub real or virtual we can test it out better and start building new dashboards.

Presumably it will be Vera Luup Requests http commands that the virtual devices on the Ezlo hub will be using to control the Vera devices.

So do we have the same Luup Requests feature on the Ezlo hub yet or is it planned?


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Just checked the version of My Ezlo Plus board and it seems like I am stil stuck with 1.0.22.
Power cycled it a few times and tried to disconnect ethernet for 15 sec.

Hello @cw-kid

We are preparing an example how it is working with http module and will share it asap.


My Ezlo Plus seems to be stuck on 1.22. Tried powering on/off and unplugging Ethernet cable multiple times. Could you please help, @Ioana?

I’m sending you a DM with details.