Beta - Ezlo Linux [production-155] for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

Hello all,

We’ve released a new beta update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-155]

The highlights of this release are:

Device integration, fixes, and improvements
ZWave communication improved reliability
System fixes and improvements
Meshbot group operations.
Meshbots fixes and improvements.
Video streaming improvements.

The new Beta update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-155] for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers contains:

Device integration, fixes, and improvements
[Zigbee] Infinite loop on Zigbee library initialization
Multichannel devices. Command Set Value is ignored for a short time ( 5 -7 seconds) after a previous try.
Software restriction not activating pincode at the correct time
Cannot set pin code restrictions for door locks
[ZWave] PSG01 _Smoke Sensor Includes in Triggered State by Default
[ZWave] Delay commands to unreachable devices
[Ezlo Secure, Plus][Z-Wave][MCO HOME MH-S314-5][Touch Panel Switch] integration
[2GIG] Change 2GIG-PAD1-345 default pin length to 4 characters
[ZWave] ZWave communication improved reliability
[EzloPlus, EzloSecure] [Z-Wave] Intermatic PE653 Pool & Spa Control System
[Zigbee] Incorrect device battery status
[H2][ZigBee] Axis gear / Wrong battery level/status

System fixes and improvements
[WiFi][EzloPlus] Make intervals between repeatable attempts to scan WiFi networks
Update Reliability: Use checksums to check consistency for sysupgrade images
[Update Reliability][Filesystem integrity] Problem with Recovery mechanism
[Update Reliability][Filesystem Integrity] Move factory data delta from boot partition to persistent storage
No broadcasts with capabilities, hub stops responding to commands
[Core][Model] Disable the creation of nested child devices

Meshbots group operations
isSunState/sunset: after DST end keeps calculating the sunset as before
[Stop Meshbot][Actions] stopScene: stop running scene
[Scenes][Stop Meshbot] Cancel delayed actions
[Stop Meshbot] Stop actions queue: don’t run next sync/async actions
[Trigger][Functions] Trigger block with FOR/at_least becomes true immediately

Video streaming improvements
Set Ezlo 1203 and 1103 default streaming resolution to 1080p


My VistaCam 1103 seems to be playing better in the Android Mios app now the stream is 1080p and not 4k.

No mention of the other VistaCams like the 703, will all VistaCams use the sub stream and not the main stream in the Mios app now?

Please can you exain what this means? Does it affect plugins and child devices like the Hue plugin for example and being able to assign child devices into different rooms other than where the parent plugin device is located etc.

Battery status for Zigbee devices never seemed great, hopefully this is now improved.

No it wont affect those parts. It means “nested” childs. so creating a child device of a child device is restricted now. Only 1 level.

Indoorvue (703) should already be using 720p
Outdoorvue (1103)
and Instavue Doorbell (1203) will be using 1080p by default