Beta - Ezlo Linux [production-148] for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

Hello all,

We’ve released a new beta update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-148]

The highlights of this release are
Device integration - fixes and improvements
Meshbots fixes and improvements
General (Softhub, Geofencing, Child devices and more)

The new Beta update for Ezlo Linux firmware [production-148] for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers contains:

Device integration
Infinite loop during zwave rezet process
Add possibility to configure empty pin codes number to stop values requesting
Zooz ZEN30 configured incorrectly after pairing
Aeotec Smart Switch 7 ZWA023-A Color Panel Issue
[Community] Zooz ZEN25 energy reports causing controllers instability.
Building 36 Intelligent Thermostat not able to change temperature setpoint
Yale locks are taking too much time to configure

Meshbots Fixes and improvements
[DateTime Management] Evaluate starting date/time on firmware boot by filesystem modification
[Scenes][Group Operations][Events] compareValues: implement stateless comparison for filtered events
[Scenes][Group Operations][Events] compareStrings: Implement stateless comparison for filtered events
[Scenes][Group Operations] Device Group: create empty group; make persistent groups;
[Scenes][Device Group] Remove deviceId from device lists in the device group if a device is removed
[Scenes][Group Operations][Events] compareNumbers: implement stateless comparison for filtered events
[Scenes][Group Operations] Item Group Entity: list/get
[Scenes][Group Operations] Item Group Entity: delete/deleted broadcasts
[Scenes][Group Operations] Item Group Entity: create/created broadcasts
[Scenes][Group Operations] Device Group: list/get
[Scenes][Group Operations] Device Group entity: update
[Scenes][Date Node] Prevent non-synchronized access to members of SceneManager from isDate events service thread
[Scenes] isSceneState stops reacting on scene events after target scene was edited

[Core] Child Devices with parentRoom=false isn’t moved to another room along with parent device
[Security] Setting Entry Delay times in the installer app does not apply the change to the system
[Firmware Update][Packages] Add sync flag for package operations
Networkd crashes on startup in a loop with POpenFailed exception
[Core] Possible to create child device with any string value in the field “parentDeviceId” and then impossible to delete
[Global Scenes][Connectivity] Local mDNS network discovery with avahi-browse
Add timestamp for hub broadcasts emitted during the period when the cloud connection is unavailable
[Geofencing] Make ezlo_geofencing a default plugin
[Softhub] plugin does not work on latest softhub


Looking forward to testing the Zooz ZEN25 and Geofencing. Thanks guys.

New here with Ezlo, how do we update the firmware ? was easier with vera.

If it doesn’t auto update, rebooting the controller may do the trick. Other than that we have no controls as a user.

Any update about the geofencing? I see it is suppose to be release in that beta version right?


Is there a new Beta release out there? I am on on an Ezlo Plus.

I was on the beta list but not sure how that works now.

I’m on FW

My Ezlo Plus which is enrolled for beta update is currently version