Beta - Ezlo Linux [production-141] for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

We’ve released a new beta update for Ezlo Linux firmware
The highlights of this release are

  • improvements and fixes for Meshbot in Ezlogic (Scenes)
  • improvements and bugfixes for interactions with Z-wave devices
  • other fixes and improvements (system, cameras, connection)

The new Beta update for Ezlo Linux firmware for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers contains:

[Scenes][Actions] sendHttpRequest/saveResult action corrupts response saved to a viariable
[Scenes][Actions in Lua] Error handling for setExpression, setVariable
[Scenes] The scenes manager service crashes in a loop in initialization phase: turn off recursive check
[Scenes][Conditions] Modify when block for all item-based events to use (item value, [typed] expression value) as left part of the comparison
[Scenes][Actions in Lua] Implement lua action for setSceneState
[Scenes][Conditions] Fix getting status for the operator NOT
[Scenes][Actions in Lua] Implement lua actions for setExpression, setVariable
[Scenes][Actions in Lua] Implement binding for resetLatch, resetSceneLatches actions
[Scenes][Actions] Implement action block for toggle boolean items
[Scenes][Actions][Exceptions] Use the Global Variable shortcut as an exception for action
[Scenes][Actions][Exceptions] Expose access to block state in scene execution
[Scenes] AND operator: allow to create of an AND operator instance with multiple isDate with different conditions
[Scenes][Conditions] Modify when block for compareNumbers to use (item value, [typed] expression value) as left part of the comparison

Z-wave devices fixes and improvements:
[ZWave] Improve time synchronization for Yale door locks
[ZWave] Add device setting to control Wake Up Interval for battery devices
[ZWave] Cannot reset the z-wave network if there are connected devices

Other fixes and improvements:
[ui] ha-uid gets into a crash loop (Segmentation Fault) if dns name lookup service is broken on a controller
[PluginsAPI] Add the ability to list rooms in Lua
[WebRTC][VC1203][VC703] Local streaming is not working after adding the camera to the hub
Error when trying to change setpoints on thermostats using Alexa
[WiFi] Cannot connect to the wifi network after FW update. “invalid channel” error occurs


Sorry for the stupid question but where do you find this firmware and how do you install it?

I think it fixes some problems I am having.

Only way to force a firmware update seems to be to reboot the controller. I usually do this manually using Putty to connect to the controller via SSH login as root and issue a “reboot” command.

There is a reboot option in the web GUI also


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