Beta - Ezlo Linux [production-139] for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

We’ve released a new beta update for Ezlo Linux firmware
The highlights of this release are

  • support of new features in Ezlogic: exceptions in action, variables, unlatch and latch
  • support for webRTC streaming added
  • bugfixes and improvements (backups, connectivity, devices)

The new Beta update for Ezlo Linux firmware for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers contains:

[Scenes][Actions in Lua] Fetch information about a scene by its identifier
[Scenes][Actions][Exceptions] Implement conditional actions
[Scenes][Actions][Exceptions] Make a weak when blocks collection
[Vidoo][Scenes] Add support for QR codes in vidoo4hub addon
[Scenes][Expressions] Add a way to use the variables as conditions for Lua script actions
[Scenes][Conditions] Add blockName field to an output of hub.scenes.status.get
[Scenes][Variables][Actions] Save data in a Global Variable for actions: cloudAPI, sendHTTPReq
[Scenes][Expressions] Implement then block action setVariable
[Scenes][Actions][Exceptions] Implement persistent storage for the current state of condition
[Scenes][Conditions] Unlatch all latched blocks in the scene (reset latch)
[Scenes][Expressions] - Implement variable: expression without Lua code
[Scenes][Conditions] - Implement request for getting current state of condition blocks

Video streaming
[WebRTC] Integrate WebRTC service to firmware

Fixes and improvements
[Backup] Migrate data from temp database to the permanent one before backup create
[E550] Ezlo hub goes offline after filling up all RAM log storage
[Nework][Mobile] Improve external modem support
[E550, E450][Zigbee] Yale YRD256-HA2-619 Problems with work
[Network][mobile] Improve external LTE modem support
[Network][mobile] Race condition wich may cause a modem infinity reboot loop
[E550]E550’s LED stuck in a single color
[E550, E450]Expired JWT token not refreshed