Beta Android - v. 7.40.358 Advanced Scenes for Ezlo controllers

We’re pleased to release in this VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.358 the following:

Ezlo Atom and Ezlo PlugHub controllers:

  • In scene creation you can now use AND, OR, NOT logical operators, as well as the ability to create groups with them to define in the triggers the logic that best fits your needs.
  • With scenes you can now set the house mode to home/ away/ night/ vacation when certain triggers are met.
  • The scene creation flow has been redesigned to be easier for you to define your automations. You can check the support article to see a step-by-step description of scene creation.

Vera controllers:

  • Bug fixing for VC702.

To see how to setup a scene with the new logical operators you can check this video VeraMobile for Android advanced scene creation with Ezlo VOI™.

To get the Android Beta build v.7.40.343 please follow this steps:

1. Make sure you are part of the Vera-Dashboard Google Group.

2. Point your mobile web browser to this address to get or update the app.

Please note that it may take up to several days for Google to distribute the build to all Beta testers.


Something wrong is with the app - I can’t connect to any of my controllers. It see them online, but when I try to connect the dashboard, devices list, scenes, are empty.
In geofencing tab I see “establishing connection…” header in the background and pop up “Please wait. Loading” message, but it never loads/connects.
Both controllers can be accessed via web interface, imperihome, or Vera Mobile for Windows 10

Hi @kwieto - thank you for reporting it, the team is fixing it right now. I’ll be back with news.

OK, keeping my fingers :slight_smile:
Surprisingly, notifications are working.
And yesterday there were no issues at all

Yes, the latest update I saw today doesn’t list any devices. This is reminiscent of the prior issue. 2 times in a row.

The GA version of the app has the same issues. For me it is the with the Plus controller mainly. No devices, or devices not in their rooms. It just sites trying to establish a connection. That is just from looking at it. It seems if you try to work on scenes or devices it is even worse. Probably because the information from the controller is incomplete.

This is a key issue to fix for the next release. More than adding Ezlo controllers functions.

Cheers Rene

Hi @kwieto! We’ve released a new version today.

Let us know if it is working correctly after the update.

It’s not available at my store yet (latest version is from 12 march). I’ll keep you updated when it appear.

If you use vera controlles then do not install this beta. The production version does not conntect to plus controllers. The beta does not work with any.
@Ioana, @melih, this is getting bad. It almost feels you are not paying attention to impacts on the installed base. This chases people away quickly.

Cheers Rene

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